B. Teaching Assistants

(1)   Description

Teaching assistants engage in the same kinds of supervised instruction as teaching fellows, but they are not ordinarily enrolled as candidates for an advanced degree in the University. They may or may not hold a doctorate.

Appointments are made annually, are effective only during the term of teaching, are generally part-time, and are ordinarily limited to four academic years, dependent upon the individual’s remaining eligibility within the FAS eight-year rule (see "Appointment Parameters"). A one-semester appointment counts as one year. In unusual circumstances in which need and competence in teaching can be demonstrated, departments may recommend a teaching assistant for up to six years. Please note that teaching assistant appointments count towards an individual’s eligibility under the FAS eight-year rule.

(2)   Appointment Process

Candidates are selected by course heads on the basis of teaching ability and other criteria. No formal search is required.

Information for department administrators about teaching assistantships is also available on the Office of Undergraduate Education website: https://oue.fas.harvard.edu/tfta-instructional-support.

(3)   Salary

The salary is based on a two-step scale that is set annually. Teaching assistants are paid at the junior rate unless they have completed two years of study toward an advanced degree relevant to the teaching assignment, or taught two years at the university level.

(4)   Documentation Requirements

The department must submit the following to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences:

a.   A letter certifying the candidate’s teaching competence and related qualifications and indicating the basis on which judgments are made.
b.   A description of the teaching duties.
c.   A curriculum vitae that includes a description of the candidate's current occupation.
d.   A statement that the pool of qualified GSAS students has been exhausted.
e.   The appointment form.
f.   The I-9 form (for a first appointment or after a break in service of one year or more). Note: If a valid I-9 is already on file, this is indicated on the appointment form.