Description: Tenured Professor

Tenured professorial appointments are reserved for scholars of the first order of eminence who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and research and who have the capacity to make significant and lasting contributions to the department(s) proposing the appointment. The foremost criteria for appointment are: scholarly achievement and impact on the field, evidence of intellectual leadership and creative accomplishment, potential for future accomplishments, teaching and advising effectiveness in a variety of settings with both undergraduate and graduate students, and the individual’s potential contributions to the University and broader scholarly communities. Past accomplishments or a general standard of merit are not sufficient for appointment. Candidates should ordinarily have a doctorate (with the exception, as appropriate, of appointments in the arts). Professors are expected to employ their time in teaching, advising, scholarship, and the obligations of academic citizenship. These appointments are without limit of time and are at the rank of professor.

Please see Chapter 2, Section A, “Tenure-Track System,” for more information on the tenure track.