F. Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment/Misconduct and Unprofessional Conduct

(1)   Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Misconduct

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has clear policies and procedures for dealing with questions or concerns about sexual and gender-based harassment/misconduct and unprofessional conduct. It has also identified designated officers to serve as key contacts for undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff members. To read more about FAS policies, officers and related resources, and procedures for resolving sexual and gender-based harassment/misconduct and unprofessional conduct problems, please see:  https://www.fas.harvard.edu/reports/sexual-and-gender-based-harassment-policy/.

Additional information about professional conduct policies for FAS instructors is provided in Information for Faculty Offering Instruction in Arts and Sciences (https://infoforfaculty.fas.harvard.edu), under “Responsibilities of Instructors.”

(2)   Professional Conduct

FAS Faculty members (“Faculty” or “Faculty Members”) hold positions of authority and trust at FAS. As such, they have an obligation to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in their interactions with all members of the FAS community, including faculty colleagues, students, persons holding research appointments (e.g., postdoctoral fellows), and staff members. In keeping with this role:

a.   Faculty should treat members of the FAS community with respect and collegiality.

b.   Faculty members should not use their positions to obtain uncompensated labor from any member of the community under their supervision. This includes, but is not limited to, requiring staff under their direction to perform services or duties unrelated to or outside their professional/job responsibilities.

c.   Faculty members must uphold confidentiality in matters pertaining to employee files, records, or activities, which could reasonably be considered confidential. This could include employment information or employee records.

d.   Faculty must comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and professional standards including FAS policies and practices; this includes, but is not limited to, policies regarding discrimination and sexual and gender-based harassment.

Non-compliance with these guidelines will be communicated to the Edgerley Family Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and could result in varying sanctions.

Note: Members of the Harvard community who interact with minors (i.e., individuals under the age of 18) in any official capacity are expected to foster and maintain an appropriate and secure environment for minors. Please see Harvard University’s “Policy for the Safety and Protection of Minors” (https://youthprotection.harvard.edu/policy) for more information.