Welcome to the website for the FAS Appointment and Promotion Handbook. Please use the chapter list to navigate through the Handbook. For best results when printing pages from this site, please open the website in Google Chrome.

Note: For the specific purposes of this document and its associated procedures, except as otherwise noted, “divisional dean” also refers to the John A. Paulson Dean of SEAS, and “department chairs” to SEAS area chairs. Although SEAS faculty members follow the same policies, some procedures may vary. Therefore, members of SEAS should also consult SEAS-specific documents.

Note: All procedural questions regarding faculty hiring, reviews, promotions, and leaves should be directed to the appropriate assistant dean, and the assistant dean should receive a copy of all documentation regarding these procedures. For more detailed listings on whom to contact, please see the table in Chapter 1, "Contact Information."

*With the exception of some upcoming edits related to research appointments at the FAS (which will primarily be in Chapter 13), updates to this website have been completed, and the AY 2019-2020 FAS Appointment and Promotion Handbook is now online. We will post an update here when edits related to research appointments begin to be posted on this website, and once they are complete.*