I. Paid Time Off for Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates

In addition to the leave policies described in Section 3H, all full-time postdocs on annual appointments, including Research Associates, and whether paid by Harvard or not, are entitled to:

  • 20 days of paid vacation per appointment year. (Paid vacation for partial year postdoc appointments are prorated accordingly.)
  • All University holidays with the proviso that, if a postdoc is required to work on the holiday due to the research group/lab schedule, an alternative day off should be given at another time agreed with the faculty supervisor. Please also note that, should the lab be closed during the winter break, this will count towards the 20 days of paid vacation.
  • Sick days: Sick leave may be taken as needed, up to 12 business days of sick leave per year (equivalent to one day per month). Time off for illness or family matters may also be covered under the MA PFML or FMLA.
  • Death in the Family: 3 days.


Please note that:

  • These policies apply to postdocs, including Research Associates, who serve on a 12-month basis. If an appointment is less than full time, vacation and sick times are prorated.
  • Unused vacation days, bereavement days, or sick days do not carry over from year to year.
  • There is no payout of unused vacation, bereavement, or sick time when an appointment ends.
  • All vacation must be approved in advance.